DIY Mindset Design School



Want to break through your limiting beliefs as easily as decorating a room? 

 Let me share the specific "designer" skills that will get you there!




A personal message from Cheryle>>

Problems with: • Anxiety • Relationships • Success • Money?  



Want to Make Quick Changes In Your Life, As Easily As Decorating A Room In Your Home?

(Registered Interior Designers have nothing on you! I'll show you how!)  



This program is for you if you want to…  


Locate the subconscious thoughts that stop you from feeling, doing and having everything you want. (Yes, even money!)


• Identify the exact changes that would make your life more enjoyable.


• Find your own unique solutions to any problem. (Seriously. Every problem has a gazillion solutions!).


• Let go of the anxiety/mindset blocks that stop you from taking inspired action and start living your new life!  


Does this sound familiar?


*You desperately want to feel happy, but the problems of loved ones keep you in a state of constant worry? 

*The cannolis keep calling your name when you pass the bakery, so you've literally given up on a slimmer, healthier body?


*You're paralyzed by confusion and overwhelm when you think about starting your dream business? (Or being more successful in the one you have)? 

*Procrastination has become your middle name? (Can you say avoidance)? 

*You have a pattern of falling for the wrong person, so you're sure you'll never find "the one"? 

*Fears and phobias keep you from enjoying activities with your family? 

Wouldn't you rather..

  • Create a healthier body without feeling deprived?
  • Ditch the procrastination and build your successful dream business with more confidence and less overwhelm? 
  • Learn how to help your family without sacrificing your own happiness? 
  • Feel so confident in yourself that you automatically attract the people you're looking for? 
  • Start enjoying family activities and social gatherings? 


So, what's stopping you?



Lack of willpower?   Skill deficits?   You're too emotional?   

You just don't learn from your mistakes?   You believe it's impossible to get rid of anxiety? 


No way!


Your underlying beliefs are stopping you from making successful changes. BOOM!


Maybe you have self-doubts, lack of confidence, fear of failure and even feelings of anxiety! 


However...those are just the beliefs you KNOW about. 


What's really stopping you are the beliefs you don't know you have!


a.k.a: Mindset Blocks! 



And you need to know what they are or you may take the wrong action to solve your problem. 


So...would you like an easy way to locate those dream-crushing mindset blocks, without the struggle? And have a good time doing it? 


Who says changing limiting beliefs can't be fun? 


Let me introduce you to: DIY Mindset Design School. 


But first...I'd better introduce myself...



Hi! I'm Cheryle Freedman, LCSW, PsyD, CHt , Mindset Coach and Past Life Archeologist.  I've been working with clients for over 24 years and I'd really love to help you break through the mindset blocks that are stopping you from getting the things you really want! 



Before I knew that "You are what you think", I struggled with anxiety and  feeling "not good enough".  


I became a therapist,  and I thought that would help, but I soon l discovered I had underlying beliefs that were working against me.  The deal is, your underlying beliefs are what produce your feelings and those feelings show up in your behaviors. Noooooo!!!!!


Yep, they work on autopilot. 


I spent years learning different strategies to help me break through my perceived limitations so that I could become the person I wanted to be. I pursued goals that I was sure, once completed, would finally make me feel "good enough", "smart enough" and "happy". matter what I did, I still didn't feel "good enough".  


Just what was the problem?


I never realized that I wouldn't be able to do what I wanted and feel good about myself until...


I broke through those negative beliefs that were working on autopilot!  In other words, I needed to find a way to change my mindset!  


There's a saying, "Wherever you go, there you are". 


And it's true. Until you change the way you think, deep down, those accomplishments won't make you feel better. You can't run away from yourself. 


Mindset work changed all that for me. I learned how to focus on the positive so I attracted more of that into my life. 


You can have that, too! And the great part is you don't do it by  re-living a past trauma.  You do it by focusing on what you really want and "thinking it" into reality. I can show you how. 

You probably wanna know what you get…right?   (Well, let me break it down for ya!)


This is an 8 week group course with 8 Modules of both video and audio recordings, email support and a type-in workbook.   (Plus...Bonuses I'll tell you about in a minute). 


Here's what's in the modules...



Is Mindset That Important? 

What Needs A Refresh?  Where Do You Start?

Creating Your *Floor Plan*.

What's Been Stopping You?

 Subcontractor #1: Metaphor

Subcontractor #2: Neuro Linguistic Programming

Subcontractor #3: Self-Hypnosis

Subcontractor #4: Reframing

And…there’s more!   DIY Mindset Design School (8 week course) also includes:  


1. A downloadable, write-in workbook for each module to get you even deeper into the transformation.


2. Lifetime access to the videos, so you can go at your own pace. (and re-watch, whenever!) You also get access to any new videos or

     additions to the program at a future date.


3.  A private Facebook Group only for those who are in (or have been through) the course, where I will be checking in to answer more questions, give support and you will get to interact further with your classmates!  


Plus…Bonuses!  Yay!

  • A metaphor mp3 (download) to help you unlock your hidden skills.
  • An NLP Parts Work mp3 download.
  • A Progressive Relaxation/Self-Hypnosis induction mp3 download.
  • And.. a Positive Beliefs meditation (mp3 download).  
  • AND...a bonus MODULE: Introduction To Past Life Regression!


If you're ready to start your journey,

what's your investment for all this awesomeness?


This 8 week group course with 8 modules (3-5 videos each), 4 mini-guide videos, audios of each module, 4 mp3 downloads, , private Facebook Group and workbooks is valued at $997...but... 


Your investment for the complete 8 week course, with bonuses is just:




(which is a sweet deal for all that transformational awesomeness)

Not only that, you have lifetime access!  That means that you have access to any new material that gets added after you take the course!




Are you ready to design your new mindset?  Let's get started!


But...Maybe you have some're not sure if it's right for you...

"Gee, Cheryle, that's a lot of money. I can't really afford it."  


When it comes to personal transformation, most people are willing to spend  $10-$20 on Self-Help books and you really can make some big changes by using one. 


However, most people who buy them don't make any changes. 




Because you need to have enough self-discipline to actually do the work.  That's where most people get stuck.  Life gets in the way and other things take center stage.  Bottom line is, you're the only one who can decide if a mindset shift in some area would improve your life.  And only you can decide if you're willing to put in the work to make the change. No one can make the changes for you. But we can do it together.


With this program I've actually done a lot of the work for you.  I will give you the tools you need to make those changes and the personal support that keeps you on track.  (You can ask questions in the FB group). And since you have lifetime access to the program, you can continue to use it to make as many changes as you want!



You're the only one who knows when you're ready to make those changes....


If you are...Let's get started!  

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