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Who Am I?  


My name is Cheryle Freedman. I'm a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Hypnotherapist and hold a Doctor of Psychology in Hypnotherapy and Counseling.  I give PLR workshops and private sessions (both in person and online). I've been using Hypnosis and Past Life Regression with my clients for over 23 years, with some amazing results.    

I love Past Life Regression as it is one of the quickest ways I've found to resolve fears and phobias, (as well as some other issues you might not even consider as fears). 

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I recently did a webinar about Making Mindset Changes As Easily As Decorating A Room. (Pssst....Past Life Regression works because it helps you make fast mindset shifts that lead to healing).


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Periodic information about using Mindset, Self-Hypnosis Techniques and Past Life Regression to help you reduce the anxiety, fears and phobias that prevent you from doing everything you want.  



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