How Can Past Life Regression Improve Your life?


Clearing away the mystery of a past life personality is much the same as clearing away the dirt at an archeological site.  In both cases, what's hiding below the surface holds important information necessary to your deeper understanding of *why and how* you became who you are today.  Past Life Regression is about learning lessons and  making a connection with your current lifetime.  When you gain that deeper understanding of why you behave the way you do there is an automatic mindset shift that allows you to make the changes you desire.  

                          **All sessions available in person or online via Zoom

3 Hour Past Life Regression Session



During individual sessions you will explore one or more past lives that are connected with your presenting issue.  Sessions begin with a pre-induction interview to help us learn what your focus will be. Then we go through the actual regression. You will be guided to different events in that past lifetime(s) that are important for you to explore.  Then you are gently lead to just past your death in that lifetime.  You don't need to experience the death, but you will understand what happened to you.  At that point, we explore the lesson you learned, how it connects with your current problem or issue and also allow you to go back and speak to anyone you feel you had unfinished business with. 


When you are ready, you reconnect with the here and now.  This is where the real healing begins to take place, but you will continue to experience healing for some time afterward.   At the end of the session, we discuss the past life you reviewed and make sure that you leave feeling ready to move forward.


You also receive an audio recording of your session. 


$200 for a 3 hour session.  


4 Hour Past Life Regression Plus Spirit Guide Work



Spirit guide sessions include the exploration of one past life and then release of the earthly body to explore what happens after you leave the physical plane and access the inter-life.  You will be instructed to continue moving up until you feel the release of the physical form and know that you are now in the form of soul energy.  You may be met by your guide(s), angels or some other form of energy/light being.  Your guide will take you to different areas on that plane so you can discover what happens in the Life Between Life period.  You may have a period of healing, meet with a spirit council or go to *school* with your soul group.  There may also be a period where you plan what you need to learn in your next incarnation. 


You will be guided to look over all of your past lives from the spirit plane and will be asked if there is any particular life that you would like to go into in spirit form, for the purpose healing the past life personality.  


Since your guides take you where they want you to go, and only allow you to see what it is time for you to see, the experience may be different for each person.  But you gain much information from your guides in the spiritual plane.  This is also where you may change your perspective about why you are here on the earthly plane, why things seem to happen the way they do and even change the way you feel about death and dying.  


You will receive an audio recording of your session. 


$300 for a 4 hour session. 





                                  Structured Unblocking


Structured Unblocking does not involve hypnosis or Past Life Regression.  It is a technique that is part of Traumatic Incident Reduction, but can be used on it's own to unblock information that has been previously hidden to you and is necessary for you to make important mindset shifts about particular situations.  Retrieving that information can help you release the emotional impact of the issue and help you see things more clearly.  When that happens, you understand more fully how to manage that issue. 


This works much like free association.  You are asked 20 questions designed to trigger the release of blocked information.  Once you unblock what is closest to your conscious memory, the other information moves up into awareness.   The questions are repeated until you have no more information coming up on the subject.  This does not involve diagnosis, analyzing or judgement by the facilitator.  All decisions and mindset shifts come from you.  


Sessions are 1-2 hours long and can be done in person or on Zoom   $125

Past Life Regression Is Not For Everyone.  How Do You Know If It's For You? 

If you have serious fears or phobias, or behaviors you can't seem to change no matter how hard you try, you may be a good candidate for Past Life Regression.  It may be one of the quickest ways to release anything that seems to be holding you back from  being, doing and having what you truly desire in life. 


Some PLR hypnotherapists regress you to earlier years in this lifetime before having you go back to a past life and that may make you hesitant to try it.  I do not use that method.  We will not be reviewing trauma from your current life. After conducting PLR sessions for the past 22 years, I have seen my clients release the emotional impact of experiences from this life, by reviewing a Past Life that they know is now over.  They may make a connection to what has happened in this lifetime, but we do not go over those experiences.  


Clients tend to experience Past Life Regression in terms of their current spiritual beliefs.  



If you are ready to make some serious changes with Past Life Regression, contact Cheryle to schedule 3 hour Past Life Regression,  4 hour Past Life Regression with Life Between Life Guide Work or Structured Unblocking. 


See contact info in dark blue.    

While you don't need to believe in reincarnation for Past Life Regression to work for you, if you feel that it is against your religious beliefs, it may not be your best choice. The sessions are long and once you are reviewing a past life, we can't stop and continue the rest of the review during another session.  So, you need to be committed to a 2 -3 hour timeframe (longer for guide work).  


I do not *read* your past life for you.  Everything you see, hear or sense comes from you and any shift in mindset, also comes from you.  You must be open  to accepting what comes forward, without analyzing it (during the session).  The time to analyze what came up, will be during the after regression discussion.  Also, Guide work may not be right for you if you are afraid of what happens in the afterlife.  


Past Life Regression does require you to have an open mind and accept that what you are receiving has a beneficial purpose.  I do not work with clients who want to do Past Life Regression for *curiosity's sake* and are not interested in its healing aspects. 


***Past Life Regression should not be used in place of appropriate medical or mental health treatment.  When we schedule, we will discuss whether or not you need a Dr's referral. 


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